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YangKe Trailer type generator set is special designed, besides the advantages of YangKE soundproof type Features of Trailer Generator Sets:
Suitable for outdoor works.
Towing device is set aside on the wheel chassis to keep balance.
Equipped with warning lamp according to transport safety standards.
Cable rack for option.
Single axle or double-axle, mechanical or auto brake for option, meeting various requirements.
Convenient fuel filling system; the fuel fill cap is lockable.
Trailer adopts height adjustable bolt type traction frame, which is suitable for various height tractors, large turning angle, and high mobility.

A trailer mounted diesel generator is a fast and effective way to provide power to a worksite, and our trailer generators are designed to meet the demanding needs of rental, industrial and commercial applications.

Each mobile diesel generator is constructed for low-noise and dependable operation. A trailer mounted generator is ideal for any work environment and equipped to handle especially rough operating conditions.

With trailer generators, connecting a worksite to a portable power source is simple. Mobile diesel generators offer many of the features of stationary generators with the added benefit of portability.

Our trailer mounted generator from 25kVA/20kW to 500kVA/400kW. Exceptional safety features like water temperature and oil level monitors with automatic shutdown will keep your generator running smoothly, and a large internal diesel tank allows for minimal work interruption.

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