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Our Brushless generators and Alternators from 6.5kw-2000kw are sell at home and abroad, then for praise by them.
The optional excitation system of the auxiliary windings is able to withstand a short circuit current.
The advanced Automatill Voltage Regulator AVR ensures the running operations reliably even in the toughest situations.
Easy to be connected with power supply networks or other generators in parallel.Standard 2/3 pitch windings check excessive midline power.
Balanced rotor with single or double sealed ball bearings or grease-rechargeable bearings.
Simple in installation,easy in maintenance & services and equipped with wiring terminals,rotating diodes and coupling bolts,which are extremely easy for operation.
Meeting all the leading industrial and marine standards related.
Electric Characteristics
Excitation System

SX460 and SA465 Automatic Voltage Regulator(AVR)
BC16 and BC18 both use SX460 AVR,SA465 AVR is confined to BC18.
The main stator provides power for excitation of the exciter field via the AVR. AVR's efficient semiconduct-ors ensure that the output voltage grow gradually from the original lower remanence voltage to the rated voltage.
The exciter's rotor output power is outputted to that of the main rotor through a 3-phase full wave rectifier. The rectifier is protected by a surge arres in order to avoid the impact caused by a short circuit or a synchronization loss in parallel.
The SA465 AVR supports a number of electric components,includina a "trooping" current transformer to be connected to the other generators for running in parallel.
The SA465 AVRmay receive the output power from an auxiliary winding in the main stator, so as to be provided with a capability for the continuous short circuit current.
Electric Properties
Insulation and Dipping Lacquer

Class H insulation.
All the wound parts and components are made up with special materials and are immersed in lacquer by a peculiar tech, so as to ensure that the motor run reliably under adverse conditions Varnish and colophony materials are specially developed to strengthen the processing and machinery intensity of windings and revolving parts.
Windings and Electric Properties
2/3 pitch windings design adopted in all generators can effectively eliminate the third harmonic wave of the voltage, which is the best dest design of UPS for the non-linear load. Connected with the power supply network in parallel, the structure can restrain excessive currents in the midline that will be produced in the larger pitch windings.
A fully-continuous damp winding abates surges in parallel. The poles and gears of the windings are carefully chosen this and the 2/3 pitch help to check the wave distortion of the output voltage.
Phone Interference
THF(as defined in BS EN60034-1)<2%
TIF(as defined in NEMA MG1-32)<50
Radio Interference
The brushless apparatus and the high quality AVR ensure little radio interference in transmission. RFI noise filter is also available, if required.
Wiring Terminal and Terminal Box
The standard generator has three phases and the 12 leads brought out to the terminals in the terminal box can be reconnected. The terminals are put on the board on the non drive end. In the terminal box made of metalsheet, there is an AVR equipped and enough space for wiring by customers. For convenience of operation, a removable panel is installed.
Mechanic Characteristics
IP23(NEMA1) is a standard to all industrial and marine generators, preventing drops of water within 60 degrees to vertical line from invading into the shell and doing damage to parts within it.
The air filter is an option, but it is installed at the expense of decreasing 5% of its rated power.
Axis and Key
All of the generator rotors should pass a balance test,whose vibrations are lower than the minimum of that specified in BS6831 Part.1.1 Section 2.5. The two-bearing generator has a half-key testing balance.

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