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natural gas generator

Along with the ever-increasing development of the society, the environmental pollution and energy consumption have become more and more severe. So energy-saving and emission reduction has been the major objective of engine research and development.

As an efficient, clean and cheap fuel, natural gas used for engines can not only solve the power problem in gas-rich regions and dynamic issues for other facilities, but, compared with diesel engine, have advantages in reducing emission of pollutants and reducing costs.

The main component of natural gas is Methane (CH4), it is gaseous under normal temperatures and is a recognized green and clean energy, having exceptional advantages in the main social streams of energy-saving and emission reduction and low-carbon development.

As the natural gas engine market share continues to improve, the natural gas engine technologies are developing rapidly. In order to improve the engine performance and meet the demand for various purposes, we have developed a series of technologies in terms of increasing the engine power, inhibiting knocking and reducing thermal load, etc. and have successfully developed various natural gas generator sets, which are widely used in various fields.

The gas engines with professional design and perfect control system have shown favorable economical efficiency, dynamic properties and low emission performance. With the increasing maturation and development pace of nature gas technologies, the application of natural gas generator is becoming more and more extensive. The natural gas generators will surely play a very important role in building a green, internationalized and sustainable Yangkepower.

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