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  • The full Chinese liquid crystal display control module produced by COMAP, with powerful functions and simple operation, can achieve:

1. Three-phase voltage display, three-phase current display and frequency display;
2. Total running time;
3. Oil pressure display, lubricate oil temperature display and startup battery voltage detection;
4. Lubricant oil pressure alarm / shutdown protection, high lubricant oil temperature alarm / shutdown protection, overspeed protection function and emergency shutdown;
5. Charging module;
6. Manual startup control, automatic startup control and other functions can be achieved;
7. Three-startup failure protection;
8. Mains conversion function can be achieved;
9. The available RS232 and RS485 communication interfaces can achieve remote monitoring and communication;
10. It has perfect three remote functions and simple and intuitive graphical user interface. Through common telephone lines and modems, the PC machine can be used to make remote control and monitoring for it, and the software is applicable to the WINDOWS environment.
11. Programmable input / output ports;
12. Automatically calling duty phone or BP machines of personnel on duty in case of failure;
13. The fault storage and query are available. Fault records up to 100 can be stored, removed and automatically updated;
14. Provide monitoring software and open communication protocol;
15. Standard 232/485 and MADEMBUS communication dual-channel protocol;
16. The remote control has 100% comprehensive remote monitoring, dynamic parameter display and running state. 100% remote control can achieve remote adjustment and setting of comprehensive data storage, data retrieval, display of digital, mapping and analysis;
17. The communication port can be connected to the interface of building BA automation management system so that the building management system can monitor the unit operation.

  • Three remote functions:

(1) Remote control function includes fault, reset, start, shutdown, load, emergency shutdown, emergency shutdown release and so on.
(2) Remote sensing function includes three-phase output voltage, three-phase output current, output frequency / speed, lubricant oil pressure, lubricant oil temperature, startup battery voltage, output active power, reactive power, power factor, run time, mains monitoring, etc.
(3) Remote signaling function includes: running, automation, manual operation, generator set load / overload, unit voltage abnormality, low oil pressure alarm / shutdown, high water temperature alarm / shutdown, high / low frequency (speed), startup failure, high / low battery voltage, low fuel level, low water level, charge failure, emergency shut-down, etc.

  • Specifications 
1). With an industry class MPU as the kernel, handles across-the-board, monitors the voltage and Frequency of main power 
2). SOCOMEC (France)or Chinese 4 poles auto transfer switch, with electrical and mechanical Interlock mechanism. 
3). Good quality, good appearance 
4). Long life and liable LED pilot lamp 
5). Separate panel or built-in panel (mounted in generating set Control panel) 
6). About how to configure ATS current? 
When the prime power of the generator set is X, then "CURRENT Value≥2X",eg. Prime=220 Kw, the ATS Current should be ATS-500 (500A)
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