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 Yangke Machinery Electric is a high-tech generator manufacturer which contains R&D, production and marketing together.

 Our company not only establishes humanized modern enterprise with perfect quality management system and certification authority, but also equipped with international advanced facilities of R&D, manufacture and test. The concept of our company is to develop the best product, to provide the best service. We will spare no effect to serve our customer with products of high quality and after-sales service in a variety of ways.

Our brushless alternators can be assorted with all the famous brands of engines.

silent perkins generatorsilent perkins generator

Prime Power 75kva silent PERKINS Diesel generating set

Standby Power(50Hz):83KVA
Prime Power(50Hz):75KVA

UK Perkins Benefits
Power to Meet your needs: Hitting the key power nodes, provide a clean & cost effective power solution.
State of Art Design: Common-rail fuel system, high power density, low exhaust emissions with the minimum of heat rejection and excellent fuel economy.
World-class Product Support: Network of 4000 distributors and service outlets, easy specify & order part online guides and service tools.
Long-term Power Solution: Designed to fully comply with EU Stage Ⅱ emissions regulations, providing an emissions compliant power solution for the future.

NO. of Sylinder & type: 4 in line
Air intake way: Turbocharged
Bore*Stroke(mm): 105×127
Cubic Capacity (L): 4.4
BMPE(kpa): 1335
Compression ratio: 17.25:1
Rated speed(RPM): 1500
Rated power: 73.4KW / 92KVA
Gross power: 80.7KW / 101KVA
Piston speed(m/s): 6.35
Engine Coolant flow(L/s): 142
Air intake flow(L/s): 4.8
Exhaust flow(L/s): 12.5
Exhaust temperature (℃): 553
Overall thermal efficiency: 39.5%

Generator Ratings
Prime Power (PRP): Prime power is available for an unlimited number of annual hours in variable load application, in accordance with ISO8528; A 10% overload capability is available for a period of 1 hour within a 12-hour period of operation.

Standby Power Rating (ESP): The standby power rating is applicable for supplying emergency power for the duration of a utility power interruption. No overload, utility parallel or negotiated outage operation capability is available at this rating.

Standard Features
◇ Yangke Standard Auto Control System
◇ Special tool for Cummins engine
◇ Base Fuel Tank
◇ Oil Drain Valve
◇ One set of fuel filter / oil filter / belt
◇ Starting batteries( Maintenance-Free & Watering-Free) with connective wires
◇ Exhaust System( including until muffler)
◇ Documents

◇ Daily Fuel Tank
◇ Permanent Magnet Generator(PMG)
◇ Remote Control Panel
◇ Battery Charger
◇ Rainproof Type
◇ Automatic Transfer Switch
◇ Engine Heater
◇ Soundproof Type
◇ Switch box
◇ Alternator Heater
◇ Trailer Type
◇ Spare Parts
◇ Water Separator

Dimension & Weight

perkins poentype
Open Type with Base Fuel Tank
Overall Size(mm):2135×730×1600

silent perkins

Silent Perkins Generator Type
Overall Size(mm): 2500×1115×1850
Weight: 1730kg

Standard Control Panel
Yangke Standard Control Panel uses micro processing technique integrating digital, intelligent and network techniques which can carry out functions including auto start/stop, data measure, alarming. The controller uses LCD display, optional English display
interface with operation easy and reliable. It can be widely used in all types of generator automatic control system for compact structure, advanced circuits, simple connections and high reliability.

Sales Promises
Yangke Power provides a full line of brand new and high quality products. Each and every unit is strictly factory tested.
Warranty is according to our standard conditions: 12 months or 1,000 running hours, subject to the earlier one.
Service and parts are available from Yangke Power or distributors in your location.

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