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You are here: How diesel generator ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch) Works

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Our AMF/ATS panels are designed to automatically changeover from mains electricity supply to stand-by generators on failure of the mains supply. When the main supply is restored, the system automatically changes back and stops the generator. The stand-by generator will eventually shut down after a short cooling down period.

A transfer switch’s main function is to redistribute power from a grid to a backup source of power. Generally, normal power is provided by a utility company. When the primary power source stops working or fails to deliver required load, load is automatically transferred to generator through ATS panel. The ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch) makes the system automatic in nature. Manual transfer switches are used in normal situations usually at homes. By an automatic transfer switch, power failures are detected immediately and the changeover from utility power to generator power is quite fast.

The control panel’s function is to detect a power failure and automatically transfer the load to the generator. Once the generator has attained its normal speed and voltage needed the ATS system signals the switch to transfer from the normal source (utility company) to the generator. Another function of the control panel is the detection of voltage drop and failure of the normal source of power. In general, all phases are monitored. Failure points are defined as voltage drop in any phase.

How to Select the Correct Automatic Transfer Switch

There are many factors to keep in mind while selecting an automatic transfer switch (ATS).Most important point is size. You should choose an automatic transfer switch by considering your type of load, voltage rating and continuous current rating. Careful selection of an automatic transfer switch is important. However the most common and effective factors are load demand and reliability.

We provide two types of ATS panels.
• Automatic ATS panel
• Automatic plus manual ATS panel

Disadvantage of fully auto ATS panel is that in case of any failure the whole system will stop working, while in auto/manual ATS panel system you can handle the system manually in case of any failure.

We use best switch gears, contactor, breakers, relays and timers in ATS panel panels which guarantees the reliability and long lasting performance of the ATS panels. We offer Low cost and high quality AMF / ATS solutions for your generator automation.

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